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Aaron Tan is a Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Speaker Trainer who empowers others to achieve their full potential through Public Speaking.  Aaron has worked in companies of all sizes in different industries throughout his caree.  This vast range of experience has given him the ability to adapt and develop a flexible approach in building rapport with people of all backgrounds.

Having followed a standardised career path of going to University and then working in a large corporate firm, Aaron always knew that there was something greater for him out there to achieve.  However for 6 years he struggled to identify what this could be, despite rising up the corporate ladder in quick fashion.  Then one day after a conversation with his father, he was offered the opportunity to take over his father’s restaurant.  Without much thought Aaron quickly jumped at the chance.

It wasn’t until Aaron left his job and fully immersed himself in his restaurant that he realised what he had inherited.  Following the passing of Aaron’s mother two years earlier, his father had lost his drive and motivation to maintain the business which experienced a sharp decline in business.  Coupled with this, it was revealed that the manager who was trusted with running the business was stealing a large portion of the takings leaving bills and wages unpaid.  Over the first year he was forced to settle a series of outstanding debts. Undeterred and with minimal cashflow to work with, Aaron was driven to turn the business around.

Within the next 18 months, Aaron had tripled turnover in the business and been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and lectured at Greenwich University.    Today Aaron has expanded his portfolio to include a photo studio, working in the health sector and as a speaker trainer.

Aaron believes that the key skill which has helped him to achieve all of this in a short period of time has been his ability to speak and communicate effectively with people – be it talking on stage to hundreds of people, or having a one to one conversation over the phone.  Today Aaron helps others with their ability to speak in public as he has found it to be the biggest breakthrough that anybody can experience and help individuals reach their full potential.


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3 months ago

Aaron Tan


Since the start of 2019, I've had several conversations with entrepreneurs and students where they bemoan their bad luck or failures on other people. Now there will be times where people will let you down - to this day some people don't follow through on promises that they made to me. However in such situations I ask myself "what are the signs or similarities between these people and can I spot them early enough?".

So when I get told stories which involve blame, I ask what does this achieve and what can be learned from it.

Ever noticed how consistent achievers rarely moan or blame others? It forces them to be proactive, solution focused and actionable.

Successful people do not blame anyone else for their shortcomings, they learn from them. Not doing so is the true failure.
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3 months ago

Aaron Tan


I've had a couple of conversations over the past week where colleagues at univeristy and entrepreneurs ask for my advice on whether or not they should take an opportunity being presented to them. The natural response from anyone would be "well why not?" But it's funny how many people doubt themselves when they are the ones being presented with the opportunity.

Typically the reason given is "well I don't think I'm qualified enough" or "this is beyond my level of expertise".

The question I would ask is who is in a position to judge whether or not you are suitable: you or the person offering you the opportunity?

At what point do you become an expert? At what point will you stop self sabotaging yourself and give yourself the opportunity to grow your business or career at the rate that you deserve?

This post isn't designed to motivate you, it's designed to open your mind and help you grow. Please share if you feel this has helped you or could help someone you know. 🙏
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3 months ago

Aaron Tan


Everything is as it's meant to be. The events, surprises and challenges that you face today is the result of your efforts, thoughts and actions up to today.

Some people will say "but Aaron, so and so was beyond my control..." and that you're right. But your reaction to that event or trigger is within your control. In business you can either be problem focused or SOLUTION focused. Next time notice your reaction to an adverse event and see how things continually seem to go wrong and "it isn't your day".

In business we make the best decisions when we stay calm and balanced, everything today is as it's meant to be.
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7 months ago

Aaron Tan

One of my students this week asked me why am I always so happy?

My mentor told me what ever you focus on expands. If you choose to focus on the negative, more challenges come your way. If you choose to focus on the things that bring you peace, calm and happiness it's only natural that they will follow.

The benefit is that we make better decisions in a state of peace, calm and happiness which leads to a higher level of success in business or career.

However you can't force yourself into this state, and first you must practice sincerity. We will all have a point in our lives which at some point will lead us to understand sincerity in its purest form. It is there we realise that there is something far greater than the individual.

Serve without expectation, serve with sincerity - this is the key as to how the most successful businesses succeed 🙏
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8 months ago

Aaron Tan


As an entrepreneur, lecturer, speaker and author I've often heard people say that they don't want to work hard but work smart instead. The problem is those people work so smart they end up doing no work at all.

The truth is the most successful people work hard first...and the smarts will naturally come later. Dwayne Johnson, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos...it's no coincidence that all these successful individuals work hard first and when they see results, it no longer seems like work and the "working smart" aspect will naturally follow.

This is how I can literally be anywhere in the world, take any business and enjoy it because when you flow, results will show.

Work hard, enjoy, relax, repeat.
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