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Aaron Tan is a Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Speaker Trainer who empowers others to achieve their full potential through Public Speaking.  Aaron has worked in companies of all sizes in different industries throughout his caree.  This vast range of experience has given him the ability to adapt and develop a flexible approach in building rapport with people of all backgrounds.

Having followed a standardised career path of going to University and then working in a large corporate firm, Aaron always knew that there was something greater for him out there to achieve.  However for 6 years he struggled to identify what this could be, despite rising up the corporate ladder in quick fashion.  Then one day after a conversation with his father, he was offered the opportunity to take over his father’s restaurant.  Without much thought Aaron quickly jumped at the chance.

It wasn’t until Aaron left his job and fully immersed himself in his restaurant that he realised what he had inherited.  Following the passing of Aaron’s mother two years earlier, his father had lost his drive and motivation to maintain the business which experienced a sharp decline in business.  Coupled with this, it was revealed that the manager who was trusted with running the business was stealing a large portion of the takings leaving bills and wages unpaid.  Over the first year he was forced to settle a series of outstanding debts. Undeterred and with minimal cashflow to work with, Aaron was driven to turn the business around.

Within the next 18 months, Aaron had tripled turnover in the business and been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and lectured at Greenwich University.    Today Aaron has expanded his portfolio to include a photo studio, working in the health sector and as a speaker trainer.

Aaron believes that the key skill which has helped him to achieve all of this in a short period of time has been his ability to speak and communicate effectively with people – be it talking on stage to hundreds of people, or having a one to one conversation over the phone.  Today Aaron helps others with their ability to speak in public as he has found it to be the biggest breakthrough that anybody can experience and help individuals reach their full potential.


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Whatever your view on the subject you have to respect the way this gentleman presents his views with conviction and a structured argument. I teach all my students the same thing and is so poweful when done right. ... See MoreSee Less

He speaks so well and naturally from his heart; it gave me chills with smiles 😊 via Zach Wahls

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Spoke at the CSEST Business Innovation event yesterday and had a great time sharing some of the strategies that I've learned to really accelerate the growth of a business.

Was truly special to share the stage with one of my trainees Daniel 'Champion' Acheampong who has done trenendously well implementing the tools and techniques that he's learned.
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